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Modern Transparency

Founded in 2007 by Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow, “Draga & Aurel” is a unique studio focused on art, design, and furnishings. They’re known for blending original techniques with an artistic touch, especially in revamping vintage items.

They kicked off by transforming old furniture, creating popular collections like Deshabillé and Heritage. After debuting at Milan Design Week in 2009, they teamed up with renowned furniture companies like Baxter and Wall&Deco. In 2019, their Transparency Matters collection turned heads at Milan Design Week, exploring how transparency impacts art and design. This success led to collaborations with top galleries like Rossana Orlandi and Nilufar.

Aurel K. Basedow’s artistic works complement the design side at Draga & Aurel, creating a harmonious blend where art and design continually influence and enrich each other.

NOBODYREADSTHHETEXT, JORDAN WOOD, Elena Shylina, fashion film, Esselle

The latest capsule collection from Draga & Aurel delves into the use of transparent materials and a deeper exploration of transparency in art and design. Drawing inspiration from Minimalism’s simplified shapes, the retro-futuristic vibe of Space Age design, and the mesmerizing patterns of Optical Art, the duo skillfully combines these influences to craft a completely new collection.

What makes this collection stand out is that every piece is meticulously handmade in their Como atelier. Using a thoughtful blend of colored resin, bronze, brass, cast glass, and vintage furniture in a mineral-inspired palette, Draga & Aurel have created a range of seating, tables, lighting, bookshelves, desks, and room dividers. This collection seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings, showcasing their versatility and commitment to artistic craftsmanship.


courtesy  of Draga & Aurel

 by Kahminsky