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Personal ISSUE was founded by Elena Shylina and Chantal Drywa-Wunsch in 2015.
Everything started as a blog to provide a look behind the scenes of the fashion industry, where you could follow Elena and Chanti on their every day jobs as fashion stylists and other fashion and production related multidisciplinary work fields.
As quantity and quality of the content they have produced in house grew enormously and the focus changed from them selves to people they found interesting to be featured in a personal way, the logical consequence for Elena and Chantal was to transform the blog to the organically growing online exclusive magazine wich appears once a quarter. However, they prefer to call Personal ISSUE fashion gazette, due to the highly curated content and well researched reports. You can read your “gazette” while you are enjoying the cup of really good coffee or a quality drink. Good content is not meant for a quick consumption.
Personal Issue is a unisex lifestyle magazine with the focus on fashion and design. We support slow fashion, timeless design and innovation.
Keep waste through fashion to a minimum. It’s a process for all of us. Let’s do this together.
it´s all personal
In collaboration with our partner agency A CURRENT STATE we offer all services within creative productions and fashion consulting.
We provide a smooth and cost effective production in Europe, UK and the US.
Advertising / Sales 
Why work with us?
We provide full service productions from a hand in hand partnership with A CURRENT STATE.
The powerful image language of personal ISSUE can be adjusted to all kinds of high end brand collaborations.
We offer the whole range of conception, creation, pre production, video and photo production as post production.
Contributers welcome!
Always looking for the next generation of creatives. Let us have a look at your latest work and your pitch or submissions. If it is interesting to us, you will hear from us asap. If not, please feel free to try another time!
We accept submissions and pitches in the fields of:
Fashion Editorial
Critical fashion stories
All about Art and design
Home stories
Furniture design
Atelier visits
Fine art photography
Tavel Stories
Design Hotels
We do not accept:
Any kinds of transfer or download links
We do not feature:
Violent content