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Sustainable or Fashionable?

The most luxurious ethical brands that are not boring at all

In the world, that is going through pandemic and climate changes, we should take a closer look at the materials, supply chains, social responsibility and other aspects of ethical fashion! But we also want to look and feel good in our clothes. Personal Issue have chosen luxurious fashion brands, that care for both things – planet and style.

Pangaia, sustainable fashion, joggers, pandemic fashion

photography by @lejenke

Pangaia, joggers, jogging pants, pandemic trend


Their sneaker are made of grapes. Everyone from the A-List in Hollywood to the streetstyle bloggers love their tracksuits, which are actually sustainably made. The company also wants to eliminate waste and they publish their impact report every year, starting in 2020. We love a plenty of bright colors and their luxurious recycled cashmere collection. Staycation at home in style!

Bite Studios

This brand, located in London and Stockholm, wants to redefine eco-luxury. 95% of the luxurious materials used in their collections are organic, recycled or stated to have low impact. Their environmental philosophy is to reconnect beautiful designs to ecological purposes. 

«We offer a thoughtful, pared down wardrobe created with meticulous attention to fabrics and details.» claims the brand.

bite studios, sustainable fashion

photography by bite studios

bite studios, sustainable fashion

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This french brand designs beautiful vegan and vegetable-tanned leather sneaker. Veja also uses waterproof bottle mesh on the soles of sneakers. The company works due to the fair-trade regulations and conditions and their designs are subtle and très chic. You can recognize their sneaker by the V-Letter on the side and wild-rubber soles, made of rubber from the Amazonian rainforest.


Envelope1976 is a brand for a modern woman, who cares for both issues: high fashion und consciousness. If you buy Envelope1976, you buy quality for years. If your style is timeless and classic, but with a modern twist, this is a right choice! The brand is female founded by two Norwegian women Celine Aagaard and Pia Nordskaug.

photography by envelope1976

envelope1976, sustainable fashion


Agolde makes sustainability and comfortable denim. If you are looking for a pair of new jeans with a 90s vintage feeling, you will find them at Agolde.  We also love the idea of their seasonless collection, which contains jackets, shorts, bodysuits, vests and skirts. They use modern laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods (which is a very important aspect, because denim-industry is the most harmful in the fashion-industry.


photography by agolde

Stella McCartney, sustainable fashion

Stella McCartney

Back in the days Stella McCartney was laughed out for her ideas to use only vegan leather, and also no real fur in her collections. 

But who is laughing now? To use vegan leather and to have a strong sustainable policy is very important in 2021 and Stella does beautiful designs with no harms for animals or a planet.  Since 2010 all Stella McCartney products are also PVC-free. Her designs are feminine, strong and long lasting for women who know it better.

photography by Larissa Hoffman


photography by refine


The brand refine is known for their beautiful silk slip dresses. The owner and designer of the brand Anina Hee comes from luxury textile merchant family and creates timeless pieces, that can be worn again and again. Refine is not about trends, but more about timeless style. The brand also set a found (after the beginning of the pandemic) for a family fabric in Italy to help them to sustain. In the meantime many luxury

designers have transferred their production to China. Refine woman knows her style and love a touch of 90s with their beautiful supermodels. 

Mara Hoffmann

Mara Hoffmann makes their beautiful pieces responsibly since 2015. They use recycled and organic materials, don’t use fur, leather, feathers or wool. This brand also works with such modern sustainable materials like ECONYL®, REPREVE®, hemp, Climate Beneficial™ wool, organic cotton or linen. They support fair trade and traditional crafstmanship.

images by Mara Hoffman

mother of pearl

Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl is a sustainable contemporary fashion brand from England. They don’t compromise style and ethical aspects and are working towards fully sustainable brand. 2018 came their first completely sustainable collection «No frills». They actually went further and now they provide individualized product information for every piece!  That’s definitely a step further towards giving customers more information about supply chains. Their office in London uses green energy with filtration tap (no plastic bottles and other plastic in the office), toilette paper is recycled and their lunch in studio is from the local farmers. Mother of pearl believes that every small action towards sustainability everyone can help the planet. The brand also paired with BBC to create a film about actions, that we all need to take to stop climate change. Creative director of a mother of pearl writes regularly column on sustainable topics for British Vogue. 

image source Mother of Pearl

written by Kateryna Sapozhnikova