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It´s Time for Done-up Elegance with Bottega Veneta

Daniel Lee – from Celine ready-to-wear designer to creative director of Bottega Veneta

It´s time for “done-up” elegance to come to fashion, says Daniel Lee. Is is about building an iconic wardrobe, which timeless and elegant as a contrast and silent pole to all the noise happening around.

Tailored suits, rolled up necks, extra long sleeves, draping, chunky boots and reduced color palette. This are the essential characteristic of men resort 2020 by Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta was known for its clean design of exceptional quality. It has been an epitome of pure luxury and very reserved usage of logos. The motto “when your initials are enough” has never been changed. Daniel Lee, a 33-year-old British designer, was announced as a creative director of the traditional Milanese fashion house about  year ago and got a card blanc from Kering. Daniel Lee has no instagram account, doesn´t do obligatory socialising in Milano, his best friends don´t work in fashion. He took over and cleaned up even more. Lee focused on the on the essential thing and went further. He creates iconic wardrobe and “great clothes for people to live-in and love and really enjoy.

The result of his men resort 2020 is clean, sophisticated, timeless, laid-back elegant. It´s hard to believe that Daniel Lee has never designed men collection before. He focused on doing real clothes for real people, who doesn´t want to go for every new hype.

Of course traditional intrecciato details can be still found in the collection and there are will be enough sneaker. However even the casual styles possess this “done-up” Italian elegance, that seemed to be lost in last years as THE hype of streetwear arrived to the masses.

Read the whole interview with Daniel Lee 


words by Elena Shylina


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