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Sustainable cosmetics

innovative as well as iconic plant based and fair-trade sustainable cosmetics

Sustainability in cosmetics is nothing new. 

We’ve played with some new and innovative as well as iconic plant based and fair-trade sustainable cosmetics that you should consider to try if you are interested in changing you’re beauty routines and to make an impact.

One of the pioneers on that matter Leonore Gray launched the first ‘green-chic’ products about 50 yers ago. The the Shampooing au Miel as well as the Lait Lavant à la Banane and of course the iconic Crème aux Fleurs…

She already integrated essential vitamins in her shampoos’ formulas and designed indispensable products.

For instance, the Huile de Germe de Blé was the first oil to ever treat the scalp and wash it by foaming in contact with water; the Bain Traitant à la Propolis was the first ever daily anti-dandruff hair care product; the innovative Masque Fleurs de Jasmin for fine hair and Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou for long hair.

The idea of creating hair care products using plants and natural ingredients, not a mainstream practice at that time, catches on, and so the Leonor Greyl line was born.

sustainable cosmetics, bio cosmetics, fair trade make up
sustainable cosmetics, bio cosmetics, fair trade make up
sustainable cosmetics, bio cosmetics, fair trade make up

L’OCCITANE remains at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable future. At L’OCCITANE, a host of innovative and progressive schemes exist to limit the environmental impact of the processes and packaging involved in the products. Sustainability has been at the heart of L’OCCITANE since 1976 when Olivier Baussan launched the brand. It had humble beginnings, Olivier sold his oils at local Provence markets, but he always had an eco-conscious mind. He asked his customers to bring back their glass bottles to be refilled or recycled at a local glass factory in Nice, South of France.

The company has never used plastic bags in their stores, and has a worldwide policy of not using plastic cups, straws or cotton buds. In 2009, L’OCCITANE began its fight against plastic; using recycled PET plastic from used coloured plastic across the Aromachologie range, which gives the range it’s dark and opaque appearance. They have also drastically reduced packaging thickness, resulting in a saving of 28 tonnes of plastic thus far.

L’Occitane created a fair trade partnership with the women of Burkina Faso, who harvest the sacred shea fruit to make our nourishing shea butter. What began as a humble collaboration with a dozen women 30 years ago has now grown to include 17,000 women who hand-churn our organic shea butter.

sustainable cosmetics, bio cosmetics, fair trade make up
Hair Products
Finished with  ÉCKAT NATUREL
tagarot lipstick apricot on eyes, lips and cheeks.
Ilge clear translucent compact powder
Chessnut mascara
Hair products
Spray structure naturelle

Gel á l´hibiscus

make up:
tagarot Lippenstiftapricot auf den Augen, Lippen und Wangen
Ilge clear translucent compact powder
Chessnut mascara
sustainable cosmetics, bio cosmetics, fair trade make up

UND GRETEL opted to use only ingredients which are fully natural and come from ethical and sustainable growers all over the world who respect the environment and believe in conserving our future. From avocado oil to chamomile and clary sage extract, all of our ingredients get their nourishing, healing, and restorative power from the natural world. They are used in combination with the purest of mineral pigments and plant-based emollients and waxes – and, unlike most producers of cosmetics, they have made the conscious decision to abstain from using any toxic or otherwise questionable ingredients. All of our products are strictly monitored to ensure that only pure, natural products are used, and have received the BDIH Certificate for certified natural cosmetics.


Photography by Robert Wunsch

Styling by Chantal Drywa-Wunsch

Hair and Make Up by Ivana Zoric

Model via IZAIO

This article contains links to the sponsored products that have been used for the shooting.

Special Thanks to Leonor Grayl, L´Occitane, Und Gretel